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Your First E-Course - $30

Get step-by-step instructions for how to build and sell your very first online course. With 10 lessons and over 20 videos (including screencasts), this simple intro course will take the overwhelming world of online courses and break it down into actionable steps! 

Here’s what’s included: 

PART ONE: Building Your Course
    •    Lesson 1: Picking Your Topic
    •    Lesson 2: Planning Your Content
    •    Lesson 3: Writing Your Content
    •    Lesson 4: Styling Your Course
    •    Lesson 5: Producing Your Course Media
    •    Lesson 6: Building Your Course Hub

PART TWO: Launching & Selling Your Course
    •    Lesson 1: Packaging & Pricing Your Course
    •    Lesson 2: Designing Your Sales Page
    •    Lesson 3: Promoting Your Course
    •    Lesson 4: Launching Your Course

    •    Recording Your Lessons Using QuickTime
    •    Importing A Video & Editing Using iMovie
    •    Importing A Video & Editing Using iMovie
    •    Uploading Your Video Lessons Using Wistia
    •    Uploading Your Video Lessons Using YouTube
    •    Setting Up Your Course Hub Using Teachery
    •    Styling Your Course Using Teachery
    •    Setting Up A Payment Page Using Teachery
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